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Playgrounds are sophisticated constructions, which enable us to make experiences through interaction with others, to develop further, to learn. Read more


As in theater play we act on the stage of life every day, we are playing our roles and we often we like to put a lot of drama into them. Read more


We all have glasses on our nose, in a figurative sense. Everyone of us builds his own reality, based on its own experience. Read more


The stairs are a symbol for growing self awareness and self mastery. It starts with learning non-judgmental self observation. Read more


Sensing is very important in coaching. Coaching as far as I understand it, is not an analytical procedure. Read more


Individual coaching

Usually, a coaching process with Linarson includes the following steps. Read more

group work

Group work at Linarson helps persons to become a more balanced and professional person in his environment. Read more


Linarson is regularly invited to hold speeches in front of business communities. Read more


Take courage towards self-awareness

Some thoughts from a Business and Life Coach In my coaching life, I have the pleasure to help people. They all have one thing in common: the person is not in harmony with him/herself. Managers come for different reasons, they want to look back on their lives, to better understand what they have done, why they are aggressive with people, etc. Mostly, it has to do with their belief systems, with old blockages or trauma like negativity, “I am not good enough“ or minor complexes that have...


Il y a une quarantaine d’années, le chercheur américain David Maccoby a réalisé une étude sur les patrons dans les grandes corporations. Résultat : la plupart des managers étaient incapables d'aimer dans le cadre de leur travail. Par le mot « amour », nous entendons ici un certain état d’esprit avec lequel on interagit avec les autres. Ce travail a été plus tard repris par le grand psychanalyste américain...

Im Grunde spielen wir nur Spiele

Im Grunde spielen wir nur Spiele“, lächelt Michael Schroeder freundlich und ein klein wenig provokant. Denn welcher Manager will schon erkennen, dass sein Walten und Wirken, Schalten und Schuften, die vielen Überstunden und all die persönlichen Opfer, nur Schachzüge auf einem imaginären Spielfeld sind? Und die scheinbar von außen aufgedrückten Spielregeln, die seinen harten Alltag bestimmen, tatsächlich bloß eigene Glaubenssätze – verselbstständigte...
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