Group work

Linarson also offers group work for managers in the field of communication, leadership and self awareness. Please check the events section for upcoming courses. At this stage three areas of intervention can be defined.

1. Communication training for leaders: how to become a better communicator
These mostly two day trainings focus on developing communication skills of top managers so necessary in our challenging business lives of today. Here are some questions we deal with in this seminar: How to become more aware about my style? Can I pass on a strong message to others? What is the difference between self perception and the perception of others? How to make better speeches in public? How to react to critical questions from the audience? Can I learn to speak freely without preparation? The seminar brings together theory and practice. We also study successful speeches to learn from them. The seminar uses video equipment to film exercises and thus to learn from constructive feed back about strengths and weaknesses. These courses are either in house or open to invite participants from different companies.

2. Self-mastery for managers
During these mostly 2 days trainings we firstly have a look inside of us, how we work from the inside out. The basic idea comes from leadership research which suggests that the inner maturity is one of the major success factors. We analyze and experience aspects like: What is ego? What are my belief systems and perceptions? What are my limiting belief systems? What is my life scenario? We have to be the change we want to see happening in this world. The second day is devoted to the managers external playgrounds and how to be more successfully navigating through them. We pay particular attention to the major roles we like to play and learning from them. Companies like Raiffeisen, BRD, BNR, Nestle, Kaufland offered these trainings to their personnel.

3. Other group work
Some companies invite Linarson to organize internal workshops to develop specific topics like strategy, action plans, company and leadership values or teamwork issues. Linarson also dealt with managers who have been made redundant and tried to change peoples’ perspective to look at life and their personal story in a different way. In the past, workshops have been offered to companies like Saint Gobain, Noerr, Telekom, Heidi Chocolate.


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